Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life Happens

Okay so I know it has been awhile but as the title says LIFE HAPPENS! What a time! We have welcomed number five (yes I said five) into the family on Christmas Eve of all days:) Been replacing the engine in the suburban for the last seven weeks. Yes for those of you wondering have not gone anywhere while Brent is at work. Ready to pull my hair out! There have been some huge changes at work along with some other decisions we have had to make. Computers dying (don't ask). Being sick for three weeks and then the kids getting it. Ugh! I would complain but there is a country song playing right now reminding me that it "sounds like life to me". I have to remember that. I also am trying to remember James in that to, "Count it all joy my brothers when you encounter trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance."

I have to look at the small victories. For instance, I got out of bed this morning, fed the kids, and got them dressed. Even small achievements need to be acknowledged some days. That is what makes the big achievements even greater!

I do have to say I thank God for Dave Ramsey and for our church for running that class. We were able to get our emergency fund fully funded and when the engine died on the burban, money at least was not one of the stressors. I thank God we did not have to go into debt to swap out the engine:) Looking at our stressors right now though I would have to say that when you get out of one stressor you sure add another. Like school, it is so easy to stress over am I doing it right. The Lord had to show me that as long as I am being the example and putting Him first while teaching what He has guided us to teach then the rest is up to Him. Thank God He covers the gaps as needed.

My poor Daniel has eczema pretty bad and is sleeping a lot on the Benadryl the Dr put him on. Hopefully it will clear up and I don't have to slather him up like a greased pig much longer! Bekah has discovered mommies hot chocolate! What an adorable child, she is quiet and learning how to exert herself. Ari has become a true princess, just waiting for that Prince Charming to come along. David is a soldier today that likes to build. What a creative black and white child:)
Ania is sure coming into her own and growing by leaps and bounds. The conversations and questions that we have been having sometimes blow my mind! I think wait a minute you are only ten years old, you aren't supposed to be asking this or have knowledge of these things yet. She truly is becoming a godly young woman quickly and I hope that time goes by a little slower....

Friday, September 3, 2010

Laughter and Heartache

I watched a movie last night and while I enjoyed the movie it made me think. I know, I know TV is just supposed to be an outlet right? When the content makes me think if I would really want my daughters to live a life like this it gets kind of heavy on the heart. I have also just finished reading Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson (which I highly recommend both this one and Bringing Up Boys). We as women crave the desire to be loved for who we are and desire on such a deep level to connect in relationships that we will do almost anything for that feeling of fulfillment. In this movie (The Back-Up Plan) the lead got tired of waiting for Mr. Right to come along and decided to be artificially inseminated. She even admits that this is not the way that she dreamed of the way she would have children. After being inseminated she meets Mr. Right that same day. While in the long run she gets her Prince Charming there is definite heartache along the way. What a huge thing to automatically throw on a guy and yet God does adopt us and welcomes us into His family. While I see that the blatant, I am going to live with you and commit but wait until after the babies are born to even propose marrying you idea is the way our culture and world looks at these types of situations. What a sad situation that there are women in this world that do take their future into their own hands and out of God's (yes, even Christian women). When we as women look to so many other ways and things to achieve that feeling of fulfillment it is not completely satisfying. Yes, even those who are married! Your husband or anything else cannot and will not satisfy that deepest longing. Only a true relationship with the Creator can completely fulfill those deepest cracks and crevices in the heart. I am not talking about the sure I know God, I am talking about the talking with Him and listening to Him and spending time with Him every day relationship. You see when we actually put into our relationship with Him what we put into everything else, everything else becomes secondary and we are fulfilled. Having lived life at break neck speed I can attest that the simple life is most assuredly the easier way to focus on Him and on other relationships. I have to admit it feels good to watch a movie or read a book that ends with the girl gets her Prince Charming and they live happily ever after and yes in the end that will happen, but when that becomes our primary focus as women we lose our focus on what is really important. An everyday real relationship with Him.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

End of Summer

Well I know for most of you that summer will last another month and if your lucky two! Here though summer is quickly coming to an end. The annual fair is the official end of summer in the Interior. It usually rains every day of the fair and you just get out and enjoy it or miss it! Luckily this year it wasn't bad. We went on a day where we were able to enjoy the day and it didn't start raining till it was almost time to go. The girls sure did good. Bekah did very well for being in the stroller all day (along with not having much of a nap). Ari obviously loved the animals and seeing all the displays. Ania and David both enjoyed food and displays which hopefully next year we will enter some things. I do miss the State Fair in WA, but there is something to be said for a smaller one. You get to see people you may not the rest of the year. Along with the homey feeling it just seems allot more family friendly. I love the Interior! We were all so exhausted that it has taken about two days to recover! LOL! Still when they all look at you and say thanks mom we had so much fun; it reminds you that it was all worth it!